Advisor, Consultant

- Introductions to strategic partners

- Pipeline creation and exponential growth

- Test market implementation plans with Enterprise account onboarding

- First/Middle/Final mile strategies

- Go-to-market strategy

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Startup Strategy

- Help to ramp sales

- Pipeline creation

- Enterprise account(s)

- Introductions to shippers
carriers who are interested in a trial

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Strategic Due-diligence

- Due diligence for your investment in the marketplace.

- Project should include market research

- Expert interviews

- Reviewing target company materials

- Potentially calls with the target company

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• Emerging Markets, Products and Technology
• Business Operation Strategy-zing
• Early Stage startups assistance
• Budgeting


• Business challenge: Introduction to enterprises

Building Pipeline

• Business challenge: Getting new business
• Business challenge: Doubling the Target Revenue


• Business challenge: Trials
• Business challenge: SoP
• Business challenge: Project management


• Business challenge: Strategy-zing to retain customers and business
• Business challenge: Win/Loss Analysis

Industry Focus

Overall Metrics


Our Expert Advisors

Mr. Charlton

Startup Strategy, Enterprise Sales, Tech-Enabled Supply chain Expert

Mr. Charlton is the President of Transcend Consulting, a position he has held since January 2017. He leverages over 25 years’ experience in the transportation and logistics industry to work closely with, and provide strategic consulting services to, tech-enabled startups in the sector.

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