Transcend Consulting Inc.

Transcend Consulting Inc. was started by Trent Charlton who spent most of his 25+ year old career working in less-than-truckload or LTL. Early in 2015 there was a young startup who specialized in local final mile/first mile delivery and was quickly moved into Enterprise sales. After a failed series B attempt, he was lucky enough to work with another young startup out of Seattle called Convoy that after only a few years has surpassed $1B valuation. It was then he realized that there was an opportunity to help other young startups in tech-enabled supply chain and has worked with 28 young startups over the last 2-years with many more in the pipeline.

We started out working with capital and equity firms to help the market understand the recent changes in the freight-matching, optimization, predictability and TMS market, but this quickly turned into an opportunity to introduce other startups to much larger enterprise clients and strategic partners. Later there were Venture Capitalists that needed to have due-diligence work done prior to their investment and this led to another vertical we could grow.

We have worked on sales compensation programs (pay-for-performance), autonomous class 8 trucking go-to-market strategies, predictive analytics based on facial recognition and telematic data, general strategy meetings, implementation projects, and local trials all over the globe. Currently about half of our clients are in the US with the rest in major cities in Eastern Europe, UK, Mediterranean, Australia, And Asia.

We are a smaller boutique firm that has a very narrow focus on the tech-enabled supply chain industry and are online to hit over $1M in sales for 2018. This is a very small piece of the pie but growing rapidly. We just transitioned to working with 25 other consultants that are going to be working on a host of new verticals within the supply chain space in hopes of 10X growth for 2019. We would love the opportunity to work with you too.