Strategic Due-diligence

The best strategic investors know due diligence is critical. Transcend Consulting Due Diligence provides a fact-based, rigorously quantified assessment that helps you balance Your approach which often includes a focused knowledge the market can’t see and starts preparing you for integration long before your deal is inked. Transcend Consulting only focuses on the tech-enabled supply chain and this narrow vertical allows our team of subject matter experts to be the best of the best when diving into the details.


You don’t want to be an investor who overlooks the fundamental risks during due diligence and then wonder why you experienced disappointing results later. Good due diligence should include customer feedback on the state of the business and should include competitive pricing as well as disruption potential. We have packages that start at $10000.00 and go up based on requirements, hours and project duration. We have 15 subject matter experts that allow us to deliver reports that give you a clear 360-degree view before you present your offer.